Marie has had a long career as Managing Director within large international corporations, such as Oriflame and Bong, both listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Within the tourism sector she has worked with a number of large international hotel chains including SAS, Radisson, Stena and World of Golf. Public sector positions include Marketing Director for the Municipality of Helsingborg, and the Managing Director of the Tourism Destination Company Visit Helsingborg.


Her unique and authentic leadership received early recognition, and she has throughout the years received appointments such as Future Leader by the Junior National Chamber of Commerce, and Managing Director of the Year by Oriflame. In 2016, she was awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year by the industry association Direct Selling Sweden.


Marie grew up in Värmland in the North of Sweden with her grandparents. This is where she learned how to achieve great things with ease and with a smile, and her pride of Värmland runs through her veins to this day.

She has travelled the world in business and created great success in many companies, but her greatest achievement was meeting her soulmate and love of her life who introduced her to her second home, Albania. This journey has led to many new insights, opportunities and deep learnings that add a deeper dimension to Marie’s professional knowledge and expertise.

Marie’s greatest assets are her energy, openness, bravery and heart. With these values, success grows. A golden rule that she lives by is:  “Give, and you will receive”.

Experience Albania

Marie is the founder and Business Director of Experience Albania, a Swedish-Albanian destination management company offering services within investment consultancy, real estate and bespoke travel. The company’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development of Albania.
Website: www.

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+46 76 868 68 37 (Sweden)
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+46 76 868 68 37 (Sweden)
+355 699 848 488 (Albania)